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This customizable itinerary is presented as inspiration for your next journey. Build your own authentic travel experience by designing an itinerary to suit your interests, tastes and budget and departing whenever you choose. The options are endless!

It is enough to mention that in this trip you will visit amazing cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Seville. You will enjoy guided tours there to learn about this wonderful Iberian country. This trip is also a great chance for you to learn about the history of Andalusia before taking the ferry to Morocco. 

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar after a one hour ferry transfer, you will find yourself traversing the Mediterranean Sea towards Africa. Landing in Tangier, you will be able to complete the image and connect the different frangments of the Andalusian breeze before immersing yourself in the charming beauty of Morocco.

In Morocco, you will explore the Blue Town, Chefchaouen. You will visit Fes, the spiritual capital of Morocco. This city is well known for its old medina built in the 9th century and for its busling souks. You will drive through green valleys, kasbahs and gorges to get to the heart of the Sahara desert. In the desert, you will enjoy magical sunset and sunrise camel ride over the golden sand dunes. You will spend a night of a lifetime in a Luxury Desert Camp under the watch of the bright stars…

In this trip also, you will explore Marrakech, Paris of the Sahara as Winston Churchill once described it. In this amazing city, you will visit historical monuments dating back to the 11th century and you will enjoy wonderful time at the world famous Jemaa El Fna Square…