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Combining Morocco and Tunisia in one single trip is another beautiful way of travelling. Visiting Tunisia takes you geographically to the northernmost point on the African continent. Historically speaking, this trip will take you back to 12th century BC and earlier dates when the Berbers first inhabited Tunisia and later on the Phoenician immigrants settled in the area and founded Carthage. After the Phoenicians, the Romans occupied Tunisia for more than eight hundred years. The Romans introduced Christianity and left architectural legacies.

In Morocco, you will explore Marrakech, which is one of the most charming destinations in the world. In this amazing city, you will visit historical monuments dating back to the 11th century and you will enjoy wonderful time at the world famous Jemaa El Fna Square… 

You will visit Fes, the spiritual capital of Morocco. This city is well known for its old medina built in the 9th century and for its busling souks. You will also visit other charming cities such as Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier. At the end of this trip, you can cross the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain and start another wonderful journey with us in Europe…